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Astrology Software List by Date

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PSU Blast Image Config is considered as a flexible and simple to handle software solution to quickly restore and configure a Macintosh
Price: FREE
Filesize: 8.3 MB

TealInfoDB: Birth YMD is a folio that lists birthday month, day and year symbolism.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 9.36 KB

TealInfoDB: Biorhythm calculates and graphs an individual biorhythm.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 22.00 KB

Shock Bio is a Today add-on utility that provides and shows biorhythm of yourself and your lover.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 95.70 KB

You & Me - the best way to know yourself. Simply insert your personal information into this application, and it will offer hints on what days are better to meet with business contacts and love interes
Price: 20 $ to bu
Filesize: 136.00 KB

This program allows you to select an astrology sign and looks it up on the MSN website.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 10.00 KB

Horoskop is an application for those who like horoscopes and astronomy.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 42.00 KB

Learn the astrosigns and coresponding dates.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 1.00 KB

Mystic is a numerology calculator in the Palm of your hand.
Price: FREE
Filesize: 34.00 KB

Readmaniac offers users with an easy to use as well as effective bookreader midlet for mobile phones.
Price: $0
Filesize: 4 MB